This AI Sales Strategist is trained to be your perfect wingman  

Happysales revolutionizes your sales with contextual AI-driven role-plays, immediately tailored emails and strategic insights for each prospect. Your reps now confidently turn conversations into wins.

Should I reach out to Mike from TotalEngage?
Yes, TotalEngage is ICP and Mike fits the buyer persona.
What does Acme do?
Acme is a large-scale reliability monitoring.....
Help me practice for this important call
Let's do a prospect role play. I am ready when you are
Draft a personalized email for Sarah Jones
Here you go: Hi Sarah, Kudos on your recent promotion..

Our Prestigious Partners

AI that reinterprets, not just enriches, your prospect data

HappySales AI combines your internal data with relevant internet-scale intelligence, to go beyond enriching your prospects to uncovering their full potential.


Get unmatched insights into your buyers

Reduce hours spent on research, eliminate the guesswork, and rely on AI-generated prospect and account intelligence to get a 360° external facing view of every prospect and customer.

DISC profiles.

Know the personalities behind the persona from the DISC framework.

Prospect intelligence

Capture the life of a potential customer and their challenges without 22 open tabs.


Deliver perfect pitches, again and again

Other tools prep you for a meeting. HappySales prepares you for a Pitch. Combine the best of personality, market, and account insights to get accurate recommendations on approach, messaging, and persona.

Conversation Starters

Get prompted with wildly different conversation starters depending on buyer personalities.

Role-specific messaging

Get multiple versions of your company’s value proposition tailored to personas and their unique challenges.

Practice pitch

Prepare your team to win consistently

Simulate realistic sales conversations with an AI modeled after your prospect's LinkedIn profile, and get real-time feedback. Win consistent deals with a sales-ready team that has honed their pitch with a lifelike AI persona.

Practice Pitch

Get prompted with wildly different conversation starters depending on buyer personalities.

Call Evaluation

Capture the life of a potential customer and their challenges without 22 open tabs.


Turn every shot in the dark into a bullseye

Hyper-personalize your sales outreach and email nurture with relevant content deeply contextualized by 100+ real-time intelligence sources and triggers. And watch your response rates soar like never before.

Data Engine

Increase the relevance of your message because of the foundation of readily-available research and recommendations.

AI content-writing

Increase the relevance of your message because of the foundation of readily-available research and recommendations.

Multilingual Support

Say warm hellos in five languages

HappySales AI processes and produces content in five different languages so that you can sell globally, in the local tongue.

LinkedIn plugin

Don’t look beyond LinkedIn to understand your buyers

Get real-time summaries of every prospect’s personality types, work experience, and challenges from LinkedIn profiles.

 The AI Workforce for GTM Teams

Multiply growth outcomes by employing an AI Workforce that prospects autonomously, offers internet-scale research & recommendations on target accounts, and trains your team on how to best engage.
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 The AI Workforce for GTM Teams

Leverage AI-first workflows to multiply outcomes for your Growth team. Build an AI Workforce that identifies leads, personalizes outreach and nurture with deep context, and books meetings, on auto-pilot.
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Available 24/7
10X Faster
3X Cheaper

Empower your teams, no matter the size, to operate with infinite scalability

Get Early Traction

Disheartening response rates can kill some growth engines before they even begin. Enable your small team to automate personalized outreach to a large list, so that you learn and iterate fast.

Scale With Precision

When you’ve identified a playbook, momentum is your friend. Automate prospecting and personalization, shrink new hire ramp time, and repeat your success across multiple use cases, personas, and industries.

AI Systems purpose-built for any sales engagement use case

Kill the manual prospecting, skip the trial and error, and scale sales training and enablement with the AI Workforce that works around the clock, in perfect harmony with each other.

AI Agent

AI Agents automate the manual parts of prospecting and engagement. It plans your daily outreach and creates relevant content, 100% autonomously, to secure more meetings without adding more headcount.
Build intelligent lists that match your ICP
Personalize emails and messages for prospect engagement
Suggests email responses based on your company knowledge base
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AI Collaborator

Get unmatched insights into a potential customer, their personality and challenges without 22 open tabs or hours of research time. Generate outreach and nurture content so deeply contextualized with buyer, market, and company data, at scale.
Get real-time internet-scale intelligence in seconds
Add your human touch to auto-generated icebreakers and pitch
Get tailored messaging recommendations
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AI Coach

Prepare your sellers to sell with confidence by AI-roleplaying scenarios as real and unforgiving as prospect meetings. Unblock your team with round-the-clock guidance from the AI Coach whenever they feel stuck.
Enable training that mimics real scenarios
Shrink ramp time for new hires
Identify areas of improvement
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1:1 Prospecting

Sellers spend hours on research just so they could crack that perfectly smooth opener. With Happysales, you can fastrack your outreach with email content that is relevant and authentic to every prospect.

Bulk Prospecting

Generic emails are the real reasons for waning conversion rates. Happysales helps you engage multiple accounts at the same time with no two emails being the same. Every email layers personality insights and 100+ real-time intelligence triggers to make it unique.

Sales Coaching

Sales prospecting requires a special skill set. No amount of cheat sheets, templates, or certifications are going to prepare them for it the same way real conversations do. With AI Coach and AI Roleplay, sellers learn much faster, on the job.