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Major Activities of a Sales Rep & Time (Manual & With Happysales)

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Company research
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People research
DISC profiling
Challenges & Pitch
Personalized mails
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Time saved/month
Cost saved/month

Why reps are failing?

Non stop customer spamming is leading to lost customer trust

Lack of


Which accounts, leads to target and when, via what channels?
Lack of

Relative engagement

Deep real time customer research and personalisation
Lack of

Know how

Intuitively know the next steps in all situations
Happysales ai

Why Happysales solves this?

Lead Prioritization
Uncovering and Prioritizing Leads with the Greatest Buying Potential
Prospect Insights
Insights from various external & internal sources on the prospect.
Engagement Customization
Personalises engagement, recommends steps & executes them.
The ideal state of

Outbound sales motion


HappySales stands out by leveraging AI and machine learning for prospecting, personality assessments, email and Linkedin outreach, sales coaching and contextual role-plays. Happysales’ is designed to reduce sales teams’ dependency on multiple tools and act as a one stop shop for prospecting, outreach, engagement and sales enablement. Happysales aims to boost sales reps' confidence, enabling them to convert conversations, develop relationships and sell more effectively.

At Happysales, we believe that traditional prospecting is broken. Sales tech stacks are disjointed. Sales reps waste a lot of time in prospect research, juggling between different tools, updating CRM and ensuring data hygiene and pursuing data enrichment. This has led to:

  • A high percentage of sales reps missing quotas due to inefficient tools.
  • A low trust in buyers caused by spamming and lack of personalization.
  • Poor response rates to emails and calls, indicating ineffective engagement strategies.

HappySales addresses these challenges by using AI for uncovering detailed prospect insights, based on the prospect’s Linkedin profile and 100+ real-time intelligence sources and triggers. Using these insights, you can focus on prospects that matter the most to you and use Happysales AI extension to customize outreach and engagement. Sales reps can personalize messages in bulk with Happysales reducing time spent on crafting Linkedin messages and emails.

Yes, HappySales provides features designed to assist with both lead prioritization and engagement. This includes uncovering and prioritizing leads with the greatest buying potential and personalizing engagement through recommended steps and actions based on comprehensive prospect insights.

Sales teams can leverage several core features of HappySales for enhanced productivity, including:

  • AI-driven contextual role-plays.
  • Real-time feedback from simulated sales conversations
  • Deep insights on prospect’s personality
  • Lead prioritization based on AI
  • Emails and Linkedin messages that are tailored according to prospect’s Linkedin profile, and 100+ real-time intelligence sources and triggers.

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