It’s time to shift your focus and effort where it matters

Automate the manual and repetitive parts of sales prospecting and nurture. Happysales’ AI Workforce gives you more time to focus on high intent conversations. So that you can zoom out and figure out what’s working, what’s not, and how to scale it.
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Attain your targets faster than ever

Shrink research time

drastically with an AI Collaborator that generates real-time summaries and personalized pitch points based on a prospect’s challenges and pain points.

Book more meetings

by increasing your daily and monthly outreach targets, with AI Agents that identify a list and personalize outreach and engagement for you.

Be more prepared

by AI-roleplaying scenarios as real and unforgiving as prospect meetings. Without endless enablement meetings and training certifications.

Reduce response time

with automated suggestions and answers to buyer questions regarding your product, competitors, or market with AI Maven.
Q&A Assistance

Gain your buyer’s trust with fast and accurate responses

Move deals faster with AI Maven that gives you the most accurate and up-to-date responses to any of your buyer’s questions around your product offering, competitors, legal and other internal knowledge. No more waiting to hear back from your internal teams on specific buyer questions.
Autonomous Prospecting

Execute relevant outreach with minimal intervention

Generic messaging and irrelevant outreaches have become the sole culprit for waning conversion rates. AI Agents let you personalize content for a desired list of prospects based on news, growth signals, challenges, and more. You only come in to make any final edits and approve before hitting send.
Bulk Personalization

Spend your time engaging with the right prospects

Get a 360 degree view of the prospect with company, personality, and other real-time insights like news and podcasts, without the research time. Choose from a collection of contextually-crafted emails, icebreakers and pitches.

Don’t switch between tools for list creation and engagement

Get started without a third-party data provider to build a list of prospects and accounts. Or discover prospects for a target set of accounts. AI Agent does it all.