Time to Set Bigger Revenue Goals, and Get There Faster

Implement Generative AI in your Sales workflows to scale it with precision. Kill the manual prospecting and engagement, accelerate predictability, and enable effective training with the Happysales’ AI workforce.
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Change the way your team sells

Increase seller productivity

with an AI Agent and Collaborator that helps them achieve 100x faster research and engagement.

Reduce ramp time

for sellers by helping them practice their pitch with an AI avatar and AI Coach modeled after your market and prospect’s challenges.

Enable confident selling

by equipping your team with accurate and up-to-date company, market, product, and competitor knowledge and on-demand responses.
Autonomous Prospecting

Increase productivity without increasing headcount

Think of AI Agents as extra team members who work tirelessly, do all of the research for you, and generate deeply contextualized content. Set up automated outreach for any use case be it an ABM workflow that needs targeted messaging, a low-intent lead list that demands personalized nurture, or a cold outbound list without adding headcount.
Response Generation

Reduce turnaround time to seconds

Deliver the most accurate and up-to-date answers to buyer questions at every stage of a deal, instantly. Every team member is enabled to answer questions regarding a recent pricing change, new feature enhancements, or competitors without waiting on internal teams to respond.
Round-The-Clock Guidance

Help your sellers sell with confidence

Your sales team can turn to their coach anytime in between calls or while practicing through AI-roleplay  for objection handling, quick advice, or in some cases, the entire script. And because the AI coach has a real-time summary of every prospect’s pain, challenges, and personality insights, your sellers never hear generic advice.

Gauge the sales readiness of your team

Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s feedback and areas of improvement along with suggestions for a plan of action.