Prospecting is in

sequencing is dead

What is the problem?

CRM & Sales tech-stacks are failing


Sales reps miss quota consistently


Tools used by reps for no avail


buyers trust sellers, spamming has a lasting impact


Email response & calls converting to appointments

The current state of

Outbound sales motion


Why reps are failing?

Non stop customer spamming is leading to lost customer trust

Lack of


Which accounts, leads to target and when, via what channels?
Lack of

Relative engagement

Deep real time customer research and personalisation
Lack of

Know how

Intuitively know the next steps in all situations
Happysales ai

Why Happysales solves this?

Lead Prioritization
Uncovering and Prioritizing Leads with the Greatest Buying Potential
Prospect Insights
Insights from various external & internal sources on the prospect.
Engagement Customization
Personalises engagement, recommends steps & executes them.
The ideal state of

Outbound sales motion